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E5 Investor



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EB5 Investor Visa

EB5 is an Employment-Based immigration program. 


The required investment for the E5 application is $ 1,800,000, but this amount is reduced to $ 900,000 if the investment is in a rural or high unemployment zone. The deposited amount returns within 5 to 7 years depending on the project. 

E5 investor visa can be applied in two different ways. Investors can invest in direct investment or projects approved by the US government.


  • Direct investments: investments of $1000,000 or more, managed by the applicant her/himself: The business must provide employment for at least 10 US citizens. These 10 people do not have to be employed as soon as the investment is made. Investors are expected to fulfill this expectation within 2 years. Investors who want to have full control over their projects often choose this option.

  • Investments of $ 900,000 to $ 1,800,000 through projects approved by the US Government: The applicant for this program invests in a project that runs with many approved investors. There are over 1000 projects in almost all states approved by the US Government. In regional investment centers, mainly urban renovation projects, infrastructure projects, hotel, health, industrial investments, projects related to alternative energy fields, and mass housing. In return for this investment, the applicant and his family are entitled to have a temporary 2-year temporary and then a 10-year Green card.


In the E5 investment visa; The foreign investor has to prove that the resource he has procured for investment has been obtained legally. The applicant is required to have at least an additional $200,000 annual income.


The evaluation of the standart application takes an average of 12 to18 months, the expedite application takes only 3 months.


E5 investors can apply for a 10-year Green Card 21 months after receiving their two-year residence card, the average processing time is 12 months.


After 4 years and 9 months after receiving a Green Card, the investor can apply for citizenship, the processing time is 12 months.


MediUStour consulting fee is $10,000. Mediustour has advanced experience and knowledge in establishing a company in the United States, finding projects approved by the US Government with low risk, conducting the necessary feasibility studies, helping with market and customer analysis, investment, real estate, trademarks, patents, copyrights. MediUStour works with law firms experienced in immigration. The attorney's fee ranges from $ 5000 to $ 25,000.






  • The investor and his spouse can work or start a business at any business.


  • The investor's children can go to school in the USA and benefit from the Green Card. At the end of the 5 years, they have citizenship rights.


  •  EB5 investors have tax advantages that avoid international taxation.


  • They have the right to stay in the USA as long as their investments continue in the USA.


Related Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is EB-5 investment?

The EB-5 program requires the EB-5 investor to make a commercial investment, which means there must be a risk of loss and a chance of earning. Our goal is to structure your investment to be as safe as possible while still complying with the legal requirement that all EB-5 investments be “at-risk.”


Is the EB-5 Green Card "guaranteed" by participating in this investment program?

A green card is not guaranteed through participation in the EB-5 program, as no one can ever guarantee the outcome of any immigration petition.


The E5 investor must demonstrate that the capital comes from a legitimate source. The records of the applicant and the family members to be applied with must be clean.

Sample USCIS Approved E5 project:

Total project cost: $ 10,100,000

Min. Investment $ 900.000

The return of the invested amount when the building is finished is 6.0%

Legal Refund Guarantee if applications are not approved

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