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Having children is undoubtedly a miraculous event. Medical centers in the United States offer alternatives by using the latest techniques for the candidates who can not have children for a variety of reasons. As MediUStour, our goal is to help families fulfill their dreams of having children.


Here is a brief description of the services we offer on this subject.

Egg Donation:

It can be applied when the candidate cannot produce healthy egg due to early menopause or hormonal reasons. The sperm can be obtained from spouses or sperm donors.

Sperm Donation:

It is the process of taking sperm from a third person (donor) as a result of the fact that male sperm cannot fertilize the egg of the mother for any reason and thus prevent pregnancy.


Embryo Donation: It is the technique applied as a result of the absence of eggs and spermatozoa in men. Frozen embryos are transferred from the embryo donors to the mother.

Why should I choose the US? 

In the United States, donors are chosen with the utmost care, which is not seen anywhere in the world. The standards of the donation centers we work with are undoubtedly superior in comparison. 


The donors go through physical and genetic testing while the entire family history of the candidates is examined and their past and present relatives are required to be physically and mentally healthy. If the candidates have all these features, they can be donors. The donation centers we work with must confirm these criteria with written evidence.

The egg donation centers have a high probability of pregnancy at 72%. The centers also have the world's largest frozen egg database, reducing waiting time to zero. All donation centers must be approved by the FDA-The Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has the strictest medical standards in the world.

The flexibility provided in donor selection varies greatly. The photo-matching upon your request (method of finding the opposite type of donor that most closely matches your photo), personality test results, screening (ethnic, race, hair color, eye color, skin color, blood type, donor finding method according to education level) are few of those. This is a process that involves examining infant and childhood photographs and searching all similar details.

The donor can be selected online based on the choices you will make from the criteria to be presented to you.

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