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Leading the medical world, the most advanced technology equipment, experts and scientists in the US hospitals and medical centers. In 2019, the United States  Government spent a total of $ 1.1 trillion on medical technology research alone. These new research results and treatment solutions, although rapidly spread to other countries of the world takes a certain time. The aim of MediUStour treatment services is to introduce you to the latest technology without wasting time. The medical centers that we partner with are not only the leading medical institutions in the world but also in the USA. The Cleveland Clinic, The Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins Hospitals and The Houston MD Anderson Cancer Center are just a few of these organizations.

The first step of our treatment service starts with the delivery of your latest examinations and reports. As soon as the documents are received,  they get translated and sent to a specialized medical center. After your reports are examined by the specialists, their response is presented to you in the form of a report. After your approval, the appointment phase begins.


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